The Influence of Cool Chain Management on Shelf Life and Quality of Horticulture Products


The ever rising of population growth around the world necessitates the food demand greatly. The available land produces constant quantity of product per given area despite to the liner increment of food demand. Conversely some of the produced food may not be reached to the end consumer due to food inaccessability, food loss and food wastage which may still able to feed million peoples who are living under nourishment. The horticulture crops like potato, tomato, shallots are perishable product due to its highest moisture content which deteriorate by high temperature. However, this temperature effect can be managed to its lowest optimum storable of individual products by cold chain management system at levels of movements. The cold chain logistics management is a systematic logistics projects which the temperature sensitive products are always provided in low temperature environment in every aspect of production, storage, transportation, marketing and consumption to ensure quality of goods. Cold chain constitutes foir aspects of frozen processing, frozen storage, refrigerated transport and distribution, and frozen sales. The proper cold chain management system reduces a significant quantity loses of horticultural fresh products which occurred between harvesting and consumption period. At storage house and during transporting, the temperature adjusment according to the crop optimum lower temperature is a crucial activity of cool chain management. At the final, temperature management of produce at retailer shop is a component of cool chain management system to supply quality product to end consumer. The temperature management activities system and time temperature indicator to control the temperature breakage that occured in cool chain management system at any point and time that makes cool chain management as efficient to pro long the shelf life of the products.

All explanation above has been presentated by speakers on Global Cold Chain Summit (GCCS) at Qing Dao, China, June 27-28, and All India Cold Chain Seminar (AICCS) at Agra, India, July 12-14. Speakers came from many countries talked about cold chain management by using updated technology. On GCC Summit, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing also showed and announced the best 100 cold chain industries 2018-2019 period. More than 20 countries attended those summit and expo included ARPI as a representative organization from Indonesia. The GCC Summit was also powered by GCCA.