Phase Change’s Material Wins The Innovation Challenge


Start from November 2018 when the first innovation challenge opened by GAIN Indonesia, 232 submitters came from industries, universities, research agencies gave their proposals. Collaborated with Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries (KKP), ARPI, AP5I, FORIKAN, Bogor Agriculture University (IPB) and National Nutrition Association have learned all proposals.

Assessment Panel consist of ARPI, KKP, Kemenkes and FORIKAN set by GAIN Indonesia learned in details, gave its rate and filtered to be 8 (eight) nominators. All nominators are devided into cold chain innovation that could be made by local industries. 4 (four) nominators have been taken as a winner and got fund to make a prototype. GAIN Indonesia also has collaborated with NTU-IT Singapore through Block 71 Consultant held the training regarding to enter a start-up business for nominators.

Finally, last Monday, June 24, 2019, the judges from ARPI, GAIN and mentors announced the top winner of this first innovation challenge. Ultra Cool brand by Maslaha that having a good PCM product (as a basic product to meet reduction cost of block ice, flake ice and also support to reduce using of electricity) was a top winner and received a good opportunity to promote the product beside additional fund. “This was a good start for I-PLAN (Indonesia Post Harvest Lost Applied Nutrition) Project” said the Director of GAIN Indonesia.