From EAST Tell us What The Variability of Agriculture Resources is an Opportunity


Food safety is an important requirement for fresh products and its guidance will be changed continuously depends on the changing of life style. On line booking and distribute to another place has more demand.

This issue has discussed on Cold Chain Seminar at Surabaya East Food Expo on June 21, 2019. The discussion focussed on how to manage the food quality and develop its market with products diversification.

Indonesia has had a good concept how to implement the national cold chain system and also has had a good cold chain equipments regarding to control its performance. “We have a national standard of of cold storage and also workers competency sertification in cold chain services regarding to provide its demand”, Hasan Yasni said. He also told how to implement the cold chain strategy that Indonesia will be as the biggest ten of cold chain infrastructure in 2025 based on its potential market (14 million tons for seafood, 700 thousand tons for red meat, 3 million tons for poultry, 21 million tons for horticulture, and 4.5 million tons for dairy products).

Tjahjono from Indonesia Cafe & Restaurant Association also talked about the readiness of national restaurants to provide a healthy and fine food with using a good cold chain procedure. East Indonesia region will be as the best variaty of seafood menu and PT. Pangan Lestari has been done continuously to explore this natural resources.

Eutectic system will be have a good challange to implement as a provider in cold – cool products delivery. Indonesia is as a maritime and archipelago country will need this system. “How to provide cool temperature during transportation is still as a national problems until now” asked Firdaus on his presentation. So that is why, PT. Prima Cold Chain has been developed this system during 2 (two) years and its demand has increased smoothly.

This seminar has been held with collaboration between ARPI, AP5I (processors & marketers of seafood), APKRINDO (cafe & restaurants) and PT. Kristamedia Pratama.