Small Grant Inspiration for Innovation


Weight loss and value and nutrition in food products (food loss and nutrition) still require new innovations in dealing with the reduction in the amount of shrinkage. Innovation includes the entire process of procuring and shipping the product, or in food business terms it is from the farm (catchment or cultivation area) to the fork (the final consumer area). GAIN Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, through the Post Harvest Network for Indonesian Nutrition (JP2GI) and with the guidance of the Indonesian Cold Chain Association (ARPI) held a small grant competition for 4 (four) industrial sectors, namely: 1). Distribution that uses a cooling system, 2). Cold Warehouse Management System (Cold WMS) with its connectivity application, 3). Behavior Change in educating fishermen or SME fisheries entrepreneurs, and 4). Fishery Product Processing due to add value to the product. The Small Grant competition coincides with the COVID-19 Pandemic situation which naturally undermines the value of this competition which is more related to managing product quality through a good and appropriate delivery system, and the use of raw materials to become value-added products. Market Intelligence or market information relevant to the product suggested by the team of mentors to 10 (ten) winners in the 4 (four) categories of the industry, i.e how to open business opportunities, especially SMEs in fishery products and its supporting service products.

Cool boxes that can maintain product cold temperatures during shipping, supported by product order application models and product storage WMS, smart cards educating understanding about fish consumption and nutrition, as well as innovative value-added products, make this Small Grant competition more interesting. The Ultra Consulting mentor team, JP2GI Executive Board and guided by ARPI, the winner of the Small Grant competition is directed through the Business Plan program of each business to be followed up with a visitation to the industry, so that a better business solution will be obtained in the future.