Cold Chain Solution for Indonesia Webinar

Cold Chain system are becoming more important and urgent to be addressed because of the positive impact of the pandemic. Food that is stored in frozen form is safer than using preservatives. In addition, to reduce price fluctuations, a good cold chain system can provide frozen food continously. The global commitment that requires food security programs to run well that can reduce the amount of malnutrition, making all producing countries such as Indonesia must be able to maximize its food utility. This was revealed in Cold Chain Solution for Indonesia which presented speakers from ARPI, PT. Pangan Lestari (food industry), PT. Kiat Ananda Cold Storage (3PL industry) and PT. Bitzer Compressors Indonesia (Compressors and CDU industry). The value of national food loss from first mile to last mile achieve USD 9 billion a year, Yasni said. The Refrigeration technology that brings an efficiency will become an updated technolgy, Tedy added. Having a good management and right strategy of 3PL regarding to provide a new lifestyle are needed, Hamzah explained in detail. Restaurant and cafe industries have to make a new strategy during and after COVID-19 pandemic, Tjahjono added.

Kristamedia as a host of webinar, plan to hold All Indonesia Refritech Expo on 11 to 14 of November 2020 at JIEx Expo Building, Jakarta, together with SIAL Interfood Expo. The participant of webinar achieves 800 people.