The Gate to Eastern Indonesia


With a growth rate around 6% the economy of South Sulawesi is booming.

Hasanuddin Yasni, ARPI, discused extensively on “the Business Opportunities in South Sulawesi”, nicknamed “Pintu Gerbang Kawasan Timur” or “the gate to Eastern Indonesia” when attended KADIN (Indonesia Chambers of Commerce) FGD last month.

The economic structure in South Sulawesi is dominated by Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (19%), Construction (15%), Wholesale and retail (15%) and Manufacturing (14%). But the fastest growing business sectors are Services (13%), Tourism (13%) and Information and Communication (12%). Commencing full commercial operations as of April 2019 the deep sea Makassar New Port, the biggest port in east Indonesia, will boost development and trade even further in South Sulawesi.

Those programs will give a good opportunity to develop the cold chain industry. Emerson Indonesia together with Xaerus Performance Indonesia and Global Cool captured this business opportunity with held B to B Seminar yesterday that explained the topic of : 1) The Future Technologies with Scroll and Electronics Solution, 2) Oil Technologies and Performance for Refrigeration Industry, and 3) Update the Capability and Stocks Availability in Makasar. Around 50 industries as audiences came from contractors, end users (hotel, supermarket and food retail), and reseller.

Yasni notes that South Sulawesi can achieve their fish production (from catching and aquaculture) around 950 thousand tons a year but its cold chain industry only cover 20%. Some of Third Party Logistics like MGM Bosco has started their business at beginning of this year to catch this business opportunity.