Seafood Show of Asia 2018, on 21 – 24th November at JIEx Jakarta

PT. Kristamedia Pratama (an International EO) with RI Ministry of Maritime & Fisheries,  Indonesian Processing & Marketing of Fisheries Products Association (AP5I), Indonesia Cold Chain Association (ARPI) have the pleasure to invite you to the Seafood Show of Asia 2018, an International seafood expo that will be held at JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta, Indonesia from 21-24th November 2018

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with two-thirds of its territory surrounded by the sea. As a maritime countries Indonesia has the largest natural resouces in the world with the production of marine products reaching 20 million tons a year. Furthermore, with a population of more than 260 million, Indonesia is also very potential market for fishery and seafood products. Indonesia has annually exported around 1.2 million tons of seafood and imported 400 thousand tons of seafood per year. The increase in demand for fish all over the world has boosted production resulting in more opportunities being open for trade and iinvestment in this aquaculture industry. Therefore it is necessary to have a good management system for handling product from the post harvest, post catch, distribution, storage, domestic sales and international sales (export). In this case, it takes good processing machine, cooling machine and good packing technology to guarantee the freshness of product from raw materials into the food available in the market (ready to eat).

Seafood Show of Asia 2018 is the platform for stakeholders in the seafood sector to showcase products, materials, logistics, and technologies for seafood processing, packaging, feeding and cold chain.

Seafood Show of Asia 2018 will also expose various technology in marine and fishery industry such as food safety, cooling technology, cool parcel delivery technology, insulated cool box, temperature control & humidity monitoring, reefer truck, reefer container, reefer motorcycle and 3PL (Third Party Logistic) or Cold Warehouse.

During this Seafood show event, there will be business meetings and business matching activities to bring together suppliers and buyers from various countries. Indonesian government provides a tax incentive for foreign investment in seafood business that will be delivered in the seminars at the Seafood Show of Asia 2018 Exhibition, with the speakers from governments and business operators.

Seafood Show of Asia 2018 is held in conjunction with SIAL Interfood (the biggest food expo in Indonesia), 21-24th November 2018. It will be features: food & beverages products, bakery products & machinery, coffee & tea, food franchise, horeca & equipments. Seafood Show of Asia (SSA) 2018 will be visited more than 55,000 buyers both local (49 cities from Indonesia) and international (from 35 countries), such as Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, France, Norway and many more. SSA with SIAL Interfood 2018 will have in total 1,100 exhibitors (950 SIAL Interfood and 150 SSA) from 35 countries/regions.