ARPI Roadshow to Develop Cold Chain Infrastructure

ARPI Roadshow to Develop Cold Chain Infrastructure

During 3 (three) months, ARPI has implemented some meeting, survey and expo regarding to see the national capacity of cold chain. Beginning make an MoU “How to Develop Cold Chain Industry with Appropriate Infrastructure” with Gajah Mada University, Indonesia Logistics & Freight Forwarding Association, Kaoshiung University, and Taiwan Cold Chain Association, ARPI will take a research of cold chain capacity (marine and fisheries) as a first step.

Continue to participate in Hotelex & Fine Food Expo, Jakarta, and East Food Expo, Surabaya, ARPI can add some new members (insulated panel industry, vacuum cooling industry – PT. ULVAC Indonesia, compressor industry – Officine Mario Dorin SpA). At East Food Expo, ARPI together with Indonesia Processing & Marketing of Fisheries Product Associatian and RI Ministry of Maritime & Fisheries has held a useful seminar “Marketing Problems & Solutions of National Fisheries Products”.

Our maritime and fisheries industry has been a trending topics to develop. Cold chain system and infrastructure has been implemented in some potential areas. ARPI as one of the draft team with RI Ministry of Trade and National Standardization Agency (BSN), makes a new National Standard (SNI) of Cold Warehouse Receipt. As a first step of this SNI implementation, we choose fisheries cold storage that will be devided into 3 (three) grade based on cold storage faclities, its monitoring, and cold chain system.

Last week, ARPI with FLPI (Indonesia Animal Logistics Forum) also has signed an MoU, how to implement a good cold chain system in Beef and Poultry industries. According to a new regulation of RI Agriculture Ministry, every 300,000 pieces of poultry cultivation must have a good slaughterhouse and cold storage in keeping its quality before distribute to market. Also in beef production, it will be better to distribute beef frozen than livestock regarding to reach a long destination (producer to consumer area, end to end system). Its cold chain system must be developed recently. Our Ministry of National Development Planning has included the next 5 (five) years of cold chain program for this industry and need some inputs regarding to make its priority scale in framework.