RETAIL Business Booming

The life style of Indonesia citizen in more than 300 mid-up cities has changed. Almost people spend their money in retail market. So, during 3 (three) years (2013-2015) the middle-up supermarket has grown 22 % annualy (from 350 stores to 600 stores) and mini market 28 % (from 12,300 outlets to 19,100 outlets). That is why, the supermarket who can provide fresh products outlet will dominate customers. The reason why this lifestyle changing is people prefers to go to one stop shopping center that spend the time enjoyable. The supermarket will compete to others with good all management system that needs with good cold chain and supply chain management. The figure is one of good operation strategy :





Next 3 (three) years, when new regulation in cold logistics investment executed by foreign investors, the growth of retail market will achieve 25 % annualy.