GCCA during in Indonesia

Cold chain assessment in Jabodetabek, West Java, East Java and Bali has been done by GCCA together with Indonesia Cold Chain Association (ICCA). Start from guiding by USDA US Embassy and RI Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries also Ministry of Industry, GCCA and ICCA visited some cold chain industries regarding to know much its infrastructure. So many potential that haven’t managed well and seems not having a good infrastructure, make the cold chain cost a little bit expensive compares to another potential countries in Asia. Actually if the goverment collaborate with private industries in supporting to develop this sector, Indonesia will be a leader countries that can provide the cheap cost and safe food and take more devisa with exporting the fresh products. Some problems that face are in managing and controlling the quality of products during the distribution. That is why, GCCA would like to develop the cold chain system here through MoU with ICCA and having a program in providing training, workshop or others to make strengthening the local industries who entire cold chain system (producers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, exporter-importer, restaurant, hotels, contractors, manufactures of machine, ports, food processors, etc. In Jakarta and West Java they have visited: USDA-Agriculture Counsulate of US Embassy, Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries, Ministry of Industry, PT. Indomaguro TIA, PT. Indoguna, PT. Mulia Raya, PT. Sukanda Djaya, Cikarang Dry Port, PT. Alpine Cool Utama, PT. QL Trimitra, PT. Herry Jaya Sentosa (trucking division), PT. Supra Boga Lestari (Ranch Market), PT. Mitra Intertrans Forwarding, PT. Emerson Indonesia, and NAMPA (National Meat Processor Association).

In Surabaya and East Java,  they visited cold chain industries: Tanjung Perak Port, Meratus Shipping company, Starrpanel, PT. EST International, ICS, PT. Rahayu Perdana Trans (HSN group), PT Agromina Wicaksana, Mediterranean Shipping Company and PT. Pangan Lestari (Sekar Group).

In Bali, they visited: small distribution and pack house of fruit vegetables (using cold chain system), Udayana University, Benoa fishing port, PT. Tiara Dewata (distribution center & supermarket) and Lotus Food.

They will make recommendation to GCCA and USDA for RI potential and problems in cold chain infrastructure. Some field expertise from US will give trainings and hold workshops as a 2nd phase after assessment regarding strengthening ICCA members and develop its infrastructure.