Postharvest Loss Problem is an Opportunity for Indonesia to Develop Its System

Indonesia faces food losses of up 50%. Faced with reduced local availability and affordability of nutritious food and malnutrition in particular in more vulnerable population groups a consortium of partners is taking steps to tackle this problem. Reducing postharvest food losses is an important contribution to improving local availability and affordability of nutritious food crops in Indonesia.

After success to hold the First Innovation Challenge in I-PLAN (Indonesia Postharvest Loss Applied Nutrition) program on cold supply chain category, now continues to Food Design catogory as a Second Innovation Challenge. GAIN Indonesia is as a main funder for this program and has got a value networking with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries, and supported by ARPI, AP5i, Forikan and IPB, this program is going well.

Regarding to make a sustainable program after the project finish, a new national alliance has to be built. A consortium of stakeholders that above mentioned has built JP2GI (Jejaring Pasca Panen untuk Gizi Indonesia) two month ago. A Valueable framework has been made by JP2GI Board of Advisor and Board of Executive. Some ARPI people take the position in BOA and BOE beside from those Ministries, GAIN and IPB.