Structure Building Capacity the National Cold Chain Industry

Business in cold chain industry for storaging and distributing perishable products is still have a good challenge in the future. Indonesia still face some problems to provide a competitive condensing unit (low price with good quality) with having a good after sales service (parts preparation and its repairs, special in East Indonesia region). Other problems are business competitiveness between insulated panel local manufacture with its importing products from ASEAN & China products; and a collaboration business between perishable products service provider with 3PL in B to C framework.

Those problems have revealed in half day workshop with main topic “Structure Building Capacity the National Cold Chain Industry” who facilitated by Directorate of Machinery and Agriculture Machine Equipment Industry, Ministry of Industry (IPAMP) on October 24, 2019 at Bogor, West Java. Senior Staff of IPAMP explained that government is ready to support this industry through making a conducive regulation in tax incentive, tax holiday, export facilities, etc for industries who have a good profile and show their capabilities in increasing the local content, man power competency and support the cold chain infrastructure. Meanwhile, Hasanuddin Yasni from ARPI said that is a right time to have a good and applicable national standard for each sub-sector of cold chain industries, and this capability really has been belongs to the national insulated panel industries. “So that is why we need a support from government through regulations and tax facilities” added Yasni.

With talkshow model and give a good presentation from stakeholders of 3 (three) sub-sectors industries, ie: condensing unit, insulated panel, and end-users 3PL logistics, explained that it is a right time for local manufactures to assemble the condensing unit (collaboration with good compressor industry’s pricipals) with having a good price, a good quality, a good stores of after sales service and a good repairing technician. With SNI, insulated panel can be exported more to potential countries, and also can provide the 3PL operation managers regarding to meet a changing of customers needs, its service providers and networking of software (IOT).

This workshop attended by 50 stakeholders who entire cold chain system. Beside ARPI BOE (Iwan Yahya, Bugie Pudjotomo, Amran Manalu, Santoso Pribadi), speakers came from Bitzer Compressors Indonesia, Emerson Indonesia, Alpine Cool Utama, Danfoss Indonesia, Mayekawa Indonesia, Jalur Sejuk, Bondor Indonesia, Logos Indonesia, and Kiat Ananda Cold Storage. The workshop also attended by contractors industries, parts and refrigerant traders, reefer transportation, condensing unit importers and consultant.

The workshop will be continued by holding FGD, more focusing on each industry’s group and transportation regarding to support in making a national standards, man power competency, and supporting regulation from government.