Operational Excellence in Cold Chain Management


Over our last century, our eating habits have change dramatically, with our diets becoming almost unrecognisable to those of our old people. The way we shop, cook and dine has been altered by our attitudes towards food, is the modern life style to eat food?
Today, however, we are surrounded by choice of food. Not only do we get to choose when we eat our food, but we also provided with a vast selection of food choices. Takeaways, fast-food, and ready meals have changed the way that meals are prepared and eaten. Convinience is a real selling point for people these days, many people in the modern world do not make time for food and believe that they are always too busy.

Based on those situations, the food distribution and storage management is very important, evenmore for the producing countries how to improve these resources that become as national income. So that is why, cold chain technology and its implementation regarding to provide the infrastructure has been as a trending topics in Indonesia. How to decrease the food losses is a main topics regarding to answer the changing of life style.

Technology Institute of Surabaya, together with ARPI and supported by Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries, other associations (like Supply Chain Indonesia) and Seafood Processing Industries will hold one day seminar of cold chain management and added to one day site visit for strengthening the meaning of cold chain in seafood products.

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