Animal Logistics Business Need A Good End to End Cold Chain System


Cold chain application in animal logistics has to manage well suppose all activities can analyze, measure, control, record and validate regarding to meet customer requirements.

ARPI, together with Indonesia Animal Logistics Forum (FLPI) and Bogor Agriculture University (IPB) have held 2 days training for animal logistics industries, practitioners, and academics (21-22 of February, 2019). Cold chain application has been as a trending topics like above mentioned it.

Irene Natasha, one of professional speakers of 3PL Logistics from Adib Cold Logistics (ACL) asked that in pharmacy industries, its selling business has achieved USD 6.0 billion on 2015 and will increase USD 9.7 on 2020. For poultry, chicken and beef have an estimation growth around 5% on 2020, meanwhile its consumption will increase 4-6% a year.

Halal logistics and supply chain also will be as a trending tropics in one package. Indonesia has had halal products sertification and will continue to have its supply chain. We have 3 (three) halal cold logistics and we’ll continue to halal distribution center. It will be a potential business in Indonesia, according to Didiet Rahmat from Transportation Management Institute of Trisakti beside as a halal practitioner.

After received knowledge of animal logistics management (also came from IPB and Sierad supply chain business unit), trainees visited one of the biggest 12 national 3PL, ACL as a comparison knowledge to 3PL plant operational.

Internet of Things (IoT) will be a good solution to monitor its cold chain implementation. Hasanuddin Yasni (ARPI) met with a Coordinator Project Team of Telkomsel (one of business unit of PT. Telkom Indonesia) regarding to provide IoT system and fleet management at the same time in ACL plant.