New Organizational Structure With the Addition of Compartments


The role of the national cold chain industry in the future is increasingly needed in line with the increasing preference for frozen food. The demand for frozen food with online services this year is predicted to increase to 37.4% or an increase of 9.9% from 27.5% the previous year. This was revealed at the 2020 virtual annual member gathering ARPI last week.

In this pandemic situation, the reality has changed people’s preferences for the importance of safe food storage for the preparation of food stocks for a certain period of time. Because the awareness of food safety will continue to grow, therefore ARPI feels the need to develop its organizational structure in the form of compartments. The compartments have been added as follows: Refrigeration, Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation, Food Industry, Training and Education and Government & Industrial Relations.

Industry 4.0 has become an important issue in reducing national logistics cost, from 26% of GDP to 18%. Smart logistics with blockchain system is one of the good solutions going forward.