Marine and Fisheries Business & Investment Forum between Indonesia, Danish and Norway has held on 28 November 2016. RI Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, RI Minister of Transportation, Danish Ambassador and Norwey Ambassador has talked their commitment to develop fish logistics and processing plant.

Meanwhile, opened the forum, Minister of Marine Affairs & Fisheries explained its huge opportunities that Indonesia have 5.8 million km2, that 0.3 million km2 is sea territory, 2.8 million km2 is sea deep & islands territory, 2.7 million km2 is ZEE. Aquaculture has 1.3 million hectars.

PT. Perikanan Indonesia (Perindo) explained their commitment to get potential cooperation with global partners : 1). To initiate partnership, growing fishermen, fish & salt farmers by giving them access to soft financial scheme. Perindo act as an avalist for them and securing the market, 2). To initiate partnership to build the modern fish auction place (TPI) and integrated utilities in feasible fish portsin all ports around Indonesia, 3). To share internal Good Corporate Governance as best practices of global corporation in other places, and 4). Looking for feasibility study on financial loan.

Perindo also explained the strategy of marketing development : 1). Operation of fishing vessel (catcher & collecting vessel), 2). Providing cold storage and ice plants in fish regions for guarantee quality of food safety as well as port of National Fish Logistics System (SLIN), 3). Developing infrastructure in the fishing port and outer islands which will be managed by Perindo, 4). Being buffer fisheries activities by buying, transporting, and distributing, and 5). Increase the value added of fisheries products by processing the fish into products that having export value.

Meanwhile, AP5I, the group businessman of production, feed and processing explained the cold chain needs regarding to support their product competitiveness, but still having a threat in developing freezing equipment in Indonesia : 1). Almost 100% are imported for compressor, evaporator and freezer, 2). More 700 seafood processing, 3). 1,000 fish boats need freezing equipment, 4). Agriculture products need freezing equipment. Fishery export by country now dominated by : USA, Japan, ASEAN countries, EU and China. And export value in last 3 (three) years : 2013 USD 4.2 million, 2014 USD 4.65 million and 2015 USD 3.95 million.



These are an opportunity to develop cold chain system in marine and fisheries sector regarding to explore our good natural resources to reach good income for Indonesia.