Asia Cold Chain Show & Warehousing 2017, Bangkok 27-29 April

Asia Cold Chain Show & Warehousing (ACCS) 2017 Bangkok will be held on 27 to 29 April 2017. The international EO, Manch Exhibition (Thailand) Co., Ltd has requested to ARPI (ICCA, Indonesia Cold Chain Association) to fill the welcoming speech on its catalogue book. Below is our note:

It is not easy to make a better generation in healthy condition without having a good food menu (fresh and nutrition sufficiency). Because of that, we need a good program of food surveillance and security and its implementation regarding to build a smart generation. Food is still as an important factor for world countries because of the changing of climate-weather extremely, the changing of human lifestyle and natural disaster. Food surveillance and security is always needed implementing on production area and consumer’s chain. Its movement and storage is a key factor suppose food is still in safe condition to consume and having a good nutrition (same as after  harvest). That is why, it’s needed a good infrastructure to make its nutrition value is still good.

Infrastructure that needed and one of the priority is cold chain system that connecting from production area, collecting, transportation, distribution, storage and retailing with supported by good manufacture, technology of machines and services. All need a good program and strategy for who entire cold chain system (industries, government, academics, and consumers).

Asia Cold Chain Show and Warehousing & Cold Chain Summit is a right event to answer whatever we need in food sector, even more ASEAN Economic Community will be implemented whereas cooperating map among ASEAN countries in food sector will be as a positive moment.

Congratulation to Manch Exhibition (Thailand) Co., Ltd as an Event Organizer who can hold this event in Bangkok with hopeful could open visitor’s mindset about cold chain system in food security and also cooperation among ASEAN and Asia businessmen regarding to support food security, quality and its nutrition for consumers.

Yours faithful, Hasanuddin Yasni, Chairman of ICCA