All Indonesia Refritech Virtual Expo


Refrigeration technology that has continued to develop in support of the cold chain platform in the past 3 years, cold logistics and supply chain businesses have adapted to the use of this technology. In line with the national industry 4.0 program to facilitate control, accelerate product delivery services and gradually reduce logistics costs from the total national GDP, making a collaborative system or making joint investment consortia in the cold chain industry more needed. For this reason, ARPI and EO Kristamedia Pratama will hold a virtual expo of All Indonesia Refritech 2020, which will be held on 8-13 December 2020. This virtual expo will bring together business people, present the latest refrigeration technology information, provide an appropriate cold chain platform with its digitalization design. as well as presenting international and national seminars. The commitment of the exhibitors (cold chain stakeholders: distributor, transporter, retailer, application & IoT industry, compressor-condensor-evaporator industry, consultant, insulated panel for storage & transportation, service provider, cool box industry, contractor, etc) to open a national cold chain business in the future will increase sharply.

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