ARPI Executive Board Coordination Meeting-2021


The significant growth in demand for fresh produce, which requires temperature control in distribution and storage in the last 3 years, especially public awareness to save the next few days during the pandemic, has made the role of the cold chain industry increase sharply. Based on this conducive situation, BOE ARPI held a consolidation meeting to determine future steps with strategic programs. Also present were the Chairman of the association, the Head of the Logistics Compartment, the Refrigeration Compartment, the Transportation Compartment, the Supply Chain Compartment, the Education & Training Compartment, the Secretary, the Industry & Government Relations Section and Chapters.

In the coordination meeting, March 16, several important points were discussed, including:

  1. Procurement of cold chain solution education and training, for: Port Management, Supply Chain Management, Cold Chain Logistics Management and Refrigeration Management.
  2. Designation of the 27-07 Technical Commitee to discuss CDU National Standardization. ARPI was represented by 4 people (Chairman and Head & Staff of the Refrigeration Compartment).
  3. Consolidation of the formation of the new Technical Commitee to discuss Cold Chain Logistics & Delivery, which is waiting for the results of the discussion of tge ISO PC/315 Standard. The Chairman of ARPI together with the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN) will immediarely consolidate with government agencies and related industries.
  4. Indonesian Temperature Controlled Logistics Project which will be collaborate between IFC, GCCA and ARPI

Based on the considerable demand from several potential foreign investors, ARPI will continue to strive for the effectiveness of the national cold chain system by utilizing digitization technology from upstream to downstream. For this reason it will continue to be discussed with the relevant ministries. Support for the national food security program and reduce costs of the national logistics is also one of the ARPI work agendas.