Raising the Bar for Temperature-Controlled Infrastructure on US – Mexico Border

Raising the Bar for Temperature Controlled Infrastructure on US – Mexico Border

With new technologies and solutions to the challenges of current logistics, Cold Terminal Laredo was established in 2017 to revolutionize the service of storage and maintenance of products.

Cold Terminal aims to revolutionize crossborder operations and product quality maintenance for controlled-temperature cargo at a time when new infrastructure in Mexico, such as the Sinaloa–Laredo corridor, promises to expedite transit to the United States.

“Our vision is to become the innovation leaders in the industry with the goal of growing hand in hand with our customers and streamline operations,” said Rolando Quintanilla, managing partner of the company. “We are a company that knows the value of efficiency and we work to overcome all the challenges of current logistics.”

With services such as transloads, real-time computerized inventory control, merchandise separation and re-dispatch, border crossing and trailer parking, the company said products it stores keep their quality and properties from production to final purchase.

The company said its technology “allows you to track the details of the cargo journey, download times, trip specifications and documents per cargo. With the help of our in-house developed software, you can get a panoramic image in real time for every operation, the mission is to make provide simple logistics for our customers.”

Their strategic location at the border between the United States and Mexico, FSIS and FDA certification, and technology make it the perfect option to optimizing transit times, reduce costs and deliver better product to consumers.