Poultry Farming for Beginners

POULTRY FARMING FOR BEGINNERS, by Katrine Nenge (source: GCCA News)

What are the features of poultry farming for beginners? Those of you, who wish to start poultry farming, should be well-prepared in all aspects. What equipment are necessary for a poultry farm? Keep on reading to know how to start poultry farming in Nigeria if you are just a beginner! If you plan to become owner of a big poultry farm soon, you have to master poultry farming for beginners first. They have the same principle but differ due to the size of production. Moreover, to produce chicken meat and eggs for the needs of the market, you should carefully plan your business, get professionals engaged in your team and buy special equipment to be able to compete with other poultry producers! Poultry Farming in Nigeria Day-by-day you can see an increased demand for the poultry products within the market. The poultry meat is useful for health and very nutritious. Poultry farming turns into the mainstream business in Nigeria because:
1. It provides people with both food (eggs, meat) and a place for work, 2. Poultry animals grow fast, 3. It is profitable.

Furthermore, this kind of business can make GDP of a country grow. Poultry business is one of the most lucrative ones throughout Nigeria. People still do not have enough products. All these factors attract more entrepreneurs into breeding birds. However, to set up your own farm requires more than just a wish.

Poultry business plan in Nigeria How to start poultry farming 10 rules on how to start a poultry business: Marketing plan. Each company should have a marketing plan to be successful. A beginner might have difficulties with planning. So, do not be afraid to ask professionals for help. Your marketing plan is the future of your poultry farm. Choose one of the types of poultry farming. Take your place within a specific sector you wish to develop – layers, broilers or hatchery. The first type focuses on raising chicken, which lay eggs. The second type aims to provide the market with meat. The third one – provides birds, who breed chicken to hatch new chicks. Find the right breed of a bird. The beginners should not choose more than two-three types of birds for breeding. One has to get aware of all their peculiarities of growth, before launching a big poultry production. Engage investors. Starting a business for a beginner always seems to be a challenge: he has to buy a lot of equipment, pay the salary to workers (even if there are only a few people at the very beginning), and it might occur that the starting capital won’t be able to cover all expenses at once. It is better to insure than to deal with debts. That’s why you can take a loan at a bank or find people, who will agree to lend you money. Strategic location. It is evident that each production has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the factors which define location is proximity to water sources and residential areas. Place a building not far from the city (to have easy access to markets, labor and save cost for transportation), but in the distance from rivers (to avoid pollution of water with production waste and spreading of bacteria). Choose modern poultry farm equipment. Poultry production requires special equipment that will fit the parameters of a selected location and help to enhance the productivity of your birds. The necessary equipment for a beginner includes feeders or battery cage system (you should define whether your birds will walk freely or sit in a cage); drinkers; lighting system; heaters; cages and incubators. Invite professionals. They know how to run a poultry farm and all nuances of poultry farming. Furthermore, your employees should have experience working in the same position in other farms. Besides, do not forget about a manager, who will run the farm daily: monitor the welfare of birds, feed them, provide water, etc. No logo, no company. Each big production should be advertised within a market. A specially designed logo will help you become easy to recognize for customers. Put it on your products, visit cards, website, etc. Pay attention to the image of your company on the web. When business clients or customers hear about your company, they will try to find it on the Internet. That’s why you have to take care of the social image and provide enough information about the services and products offered by the company. Advertise yourself! To be successful within a market in the future, start telling about your intentions to have a business to your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Furthermore, leave a special visit card with your contact information (telephone, fax, email, and website). In this way, you make people aware of your business and attract potential customers. Your business will be successful only if it is run properly and your birds feel free and satisfied. That’s why you should pay attention to all nuances starting from the state of your birds up to the management and distribution of your products. Even if you are just a beginner, do not afraid to consult professionals on how to run a poultry farm efficiently, visit your “colleague” and learn new information!