National Logistics For Vaccine


Logistics during the Covid 19 pandemic played a very important role with demand increasing significantly. The pandemic, which has affected negative global economic growth, has divided business between profitable and declining. And the food and pharmaceutical logistics sector is reaping the benefits even though financial cash flow is still disrupted. The number of people affected by the pandemic has increased significantly while the preparation of the vaccine drug is still being tested.

As a maritime and archipelago country, the growth and national logistics mapping is very unequal between the west and the east, where the island of Java can facilitate its cold chain logistics infrastructure by 55% from the national total. Logistics in eastern Indonesia is dominated by logistics for fishery products. On the island of Java, it is dominated by rental logistics for frozen food, not fish (80%).

At the time of this pandemic, facilities and infrastructure for the storage and distribution of vaccines must be prepared immediately because vaccines require a storage that having sensitive temperature. For this reason, government agencies and related world institutions have asked ARPI, ALFI and the related logistics industry to collaborate to build infrastructure facilities with a good system throughout the region. This infrastructure must be ready to store the total vaccine if it is available based on trial results.