National Cold Chain Industry Prospects


In accelerating the growth of the cold chain industry, it is necessary to create a good platform so that the distribution of the industrial area will be more evenly distributed. As a maritime and archipelago country, Indonesia has great potential in supplying frozen food from national production to the entire domestic market. Of course, this potential must be supported by a good infrastructure platform and in accordance with the capabilities of the national industry. Collaboration among stakeholders is an important keyword. The national cold chain industry should be grown by paying attention to connectivity to transportation modes. Indonesia has various types of transportation modes, such as: sea-transport, land-transport, air-transport and intermodal that can connect each other. Indonesia has several operators assigned to build the infrastructure, namely PT. Pelindo (public seaport), PT. Angkasa Pura (public airport), PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (public land transport), and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (fishing ports). The cold chain supporting facilities operated by these agencies and industries need to cooperate with private industry as industry stakeholders to accelerate the growth of the cold chain industry. Procurement of facilities and infrastructure connecting producers to consumers will map food distribution more evenly to all corners of the region in Indonesia according to consumer demand. A digitization platform that facilitates monitoring of food movements is certainly needed that can cut supply chains and food distribution chains so as to cut logistics costs.

The provision of small frozen storage in the fisheries sector, especially in fishing vessels under 30 GT, at fish landing sites and in wet fish markets, is one of the important activities in reducing seafood losses. The same is required for other commodities, such as poultry, red meat and horticulture. Cold chain facilities in producing areas must immediately get a good cold chain touch in post-harvest handling.

In a wet market where it is easily accessible to the lower middle class, it must also be equipped with adequate cold chain facilities, so that distribution to various types of markets will be easier and the quality of food is maintained properly.

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