Keep Cool Save Ozone Layer


The Ministry of Environment & Forestry held a Technical Working Meeting regarding to consolidate their continuing HCFC Phase Out Management Project on 30-31 October 2018. On this meeting, the Ministry invited the stakeholders, associations and universities.

HCFC-22 could not have imported since 2015 and HCFC-141b will be stopped import on 1 January 2021. HCFC-22 still may use for servicing AC and refrigeration needs until 2030. During 2015 – 2019, their targets are: decreasing consumption of HCFC, from 403.9 ODP ton in 2013 to 282.71 ODP ton or equivalent to 30%.

And then during 2020-2024, HCFC consumption will be decreased from 403.9 ODP ton in 2013 to 131.37 ODP ton or 67.5%, and also HFC (Hydro Fluoro Carbon) management.

The Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries, also Agriculture and ARPI talked about National Fish Logistics System, pesticide that used on horticulture products and current situation of cold chain industries. All speakers and audiences will support this program.