How to Select The Best Supply Chain Management Software for Your Fisheries Business


As a maritime country, Indonesia has a good fisheries resources. This potential makes many opportunities to develop its industries. With having 50 Kgs per capita fisheries and national productions achieve 20 million tons per year, its supply chain is still needed a better management. The product loss is average 40%. The below explanations guide how to select the best supply chain management software, regarding to decrease its loss during distributing from farm to fork:

Supply chain management software refers to application used in managing company’s supply chain, supplier relationship and all fresh products business method related to it. It seeks to enhance the performance of company supply chain. The supply chain refers to a group of steps taken in transforming raw materials into finish products. The supply chain for some businesses is relatively simple and straightforward while for others, it is an entirely different story. Regardless, every supply chain has to be properly managed to maximize productivity.

Supply chain management refers to the process by which companies make their supply chain both cost effective and efficient. Technological advancement in how business is done has made carrying out supply chain management activities easier through supply chain management software.

Supply chain management software significantly reduces the cost incurred from creating, insuring, shipping, and storing products a company can’t sell. Organizations use supply chain management in addressing the needs of their business such that, the resources needed for supply align with current or future product demand.

The supply chain management software can effectively carry out every step of supply chain. Each step in the supply chain has a number specific task, majority of which have specific software. A chuck of this software have been integrated under single roofs by vendors, yet, none has been able to create a holistic software application that caters for all activities in the supply chain.

One major common element of supply chain management software is forecasting which is made possible by an attempt to utilize algorithms and analyze product consumption in planning future needs. Often, supply chain management software posses integration technology which allows firms trade with their supply chain associates electronically. Due to the fact that most companies engaged in supply chain management are tightly integrated with the finance system, software system are usually used alongside accounts deliverables, financial account payables and company general ledger. Supply chain management also makes organizational book keeping easier.