Foreign Investment from South Korea Interest to Install Modern Cold Storage

South Korea’s Pyeongtaek ang Dang-jin city government officials visited and discussed with the the Association’s Board of Executive (BOE of ARPI) last December. They expressed their support for the association in utilizing modern sea ports in both cities. They invited the association team as an official guest to see first hand the port facilities which were equipped with cold storage (3PL) which could provide a room temperature of up minus 150 degrees of Celcius.

South Korea expressed interest in investing in Indonesia and one of the ones being followed up is investment in the cold storage and asphalt industry in Eastern Indonesia. The seiousness of South Korea was proven again by the visit of delegations and company officials to the National Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) last March and discussed with the Head of BKPM, Bahlil Lahadalia, accompanied by the Director of the Sectoral Promotion. Signs of optimism about their investment were stated amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

This cold storage investment plan has an impact not only on the food and beverage industry and the fishing industry, but also on fishermen and farmers. In addition, the technology to be used is environment friendly so it does not damage the surrounding area, such as the explanation of BKPM as quoted in Liputan 6 News.

Through a tele conference with the association in early May, local government and company officials reaffirmed their commitment. Hasanuddin Yasni, representing the association, stressed the readiness of the national cold chain industry incorporated into the association members to realize the project, and provided the projects’s first location choice, Surabaya or Makassar. Both of these locations have the same potential. Plans will be discussed again in more detail in June or July, if the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic gets better.