Food Safety Transportation With High-Quality Cold Storage

Food Safety Transportation With High-Quality Cold Storage in the Upper Midwest, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse

Maintaining food quality from farm to shelf is a critical aspect of food safety on a commercial level. Not only does this include containment in food-grade climate-controlled facilities during storage periods, it also includes temperature and climate control during food transportation. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company provides comprehensive cold storage in the Upper Midwest meeting industrial food safety standards for refrigeration, freezing, and dry containment.

In addition to our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities, MFWC information and technology services utilize TALLYWorks Warehouse Management Systems to build customizable live records of food shipments throughout the transportation process.

Using TALLYworks RF scanning and barcode data collection software and EDI customer interface, you can trust MFWC to protect the movement of your shipments and provide accuracy in storage periods.

Recording for Food Safety in Cold Storage

Tracking the movement of food products and exact detailing of shipment information by the minute is key in supporting food safety at every stage of transportation and storage. Keeping accurate, live records with advanced computerized systems allows MFWC to track food products kept in refrigerated storage, freezer storage, and dry storage. This means the quality and nutritional profile of fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, prepared foods, desserts, and more are kept in a controlled stasis environment during packing, shipping, and receiving at MFWC facilities. Recording shipment and product data with TALLYworks is an effective quality control administrative measure that’s highly beneficial for internal company processes, but it’s also key in ensuring food safety for products stored in climate-controlled containment.

Live records of orders during transportation reduces clerical errors, eliminates storage mistakes, and promotes continued protection of food quality, even outside of our facilities. This means MFWC shipments are organized and recorded for food safety and constant climate-control attention.

Our IT Services secure online data with TALLYworks software and play an important role in providing our communities with quality food products from field and pasture to grocery store shelves.