Expert Group’s Meeting On Cold Chain Logistics


Tokyo, June 5, 2018. Sponsorshiped by Yamato Holdings Co. Ltd, the meeting held on 5 June, 2018, attended by experts from Japan as a host, China, Indonesia, and Thailand. All presentations from delegates explained about parcel delivery logistics.

Delegate from Japan explained about:
Significance of Standardization of Refrigerated Parcel Delivery Services  (Rhoichi Ichino, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, MLIT).
Business Scope of Nichirei Logistics Group Inc. (Nuttaphol Aueareechit, Nichirei Logistics Group).
Introduction to The ISO 23412 WD-Indirect Temperature Controlled Refrigerated Delivery Services  (Katsuaki Okawara, Yamato Holdings).

Delegate from China explained about:
China’s Cold Chain Logistics Status Quo, Challenges, and Standardization (Yuming Qin, CCLC of CFLP)

Delegate from Indonesia explained about:
Indonesia Cold Chain System, Current Situation of Parcel Delivery Industry – In Order to Support ISO/PC 315  (Hasanuddin Yasni, Chairman of ARPI)

Delegate from Thailand explained about:
Cold Chain Transport in Thailand  (Thapangpan Piyawan, Department of Land Transportation, DLT)

After all delegations explained their presentation, meeting continued to discuss new ISO standard, PC 315 (June 6-8, 2018) : Indirect Temperature Controlled Refrigerated Delivery Services – Land Transport of Parcels with Intermediate Transfer, with attendance:
1. Chairman : Prof. Toshinori Nemoto (Keiai University)
2. Secretary : Yusuke Chiba (Japan Standadization Organization)
3. Experts : Hasanuddin Yasni (Indonesia), Piyawan Thapangpan (Thailand), Laura Solaroli (AFNOR, France), Cyrile Remond (Chronopost Food, France), Richard Grondin (Chronopost Food, France), Olivier Tsalpatourus (Geopost, France), Takashi Nakagawa (Japan Assocation for Logistics & Transport), Katsuaki Okawara (Yamato Holdings).
Main Agenda are: PC 315 Scope and WD 23412 requirements. Expert from Japan and France will make an introduction and revised Annex B at the end of June.