Emerson Launches OEM Program to Fast-Track Digital Transformation

Emerson Launches OEM Program to Fast-Track Digital Transformation

Tailored workshops, focused support and technology collaboration provide program participants with a competitive edge to quickly build easily replicated, IIoT-enabled automation solutions in the rapidly changing marketplace

designed to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) optimize automation and instrumentation to improve the reliability and performance of the modular process systems they design and manufacture, often referred to as skids.

Emerson identifies these strategically-minded OEMs as being Engineered Solutions Providers to represent their commitment to staying ahead of the technology curve in their respective industries. The program helps them simplify technology adoption and streamline interactions with Emerson, making it easier to get access to the information and support they need. This arms the Engineered Solutions Providers with the knowledge, confidence, and strategic benefits necessary to ensure short-term impact and long-term success.

Under mounting pressure from end users pursuing their own digital transformation, Engineered Solutions Providers are looking to build easily replicated, technologically advanced, IIoT-enabled solutions for their customers. They must navigate a rapidly changing marketplace where differentiation among competitors can be difficult, shrinking budgets strain production, and cybersecurity threats hinder their ability to provide reliable equipment to end users quickly, efficiently and at a cost that meets uptime expectations.

“By collaboratively solving business problems, Emerson’s new program helps our Engineered Solutions Providers optimize the automation, instrumentation, and remote monitoring capabilities of their engineered solutions,” said Melissa Holler, vice president of the Engineered Solutions Provider program, Emerson Automation Solutions. “It also creates opportunities to pass those benefits on to their customers, which ultimately strengthens their position to win more business.”

Additionally, Engineered Solutions Providers can differentiate themselves among competitors by leveraging solutions such as those found in Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem. The ecosystem is a portfolio which offers a robust software, data analytics and product technology and services portfolio, all integrated and optimized to harness the power of digital transformation to improve reliability and performance of engineered solutions.

For example, from acquiring the right data using Emerson’s extensive portfolio of wireless transmitters—which providers can easily retrofit to existing skids—in combination with Plantweb Insight applications to remotely monitor critical equipment on supplied skids, Engineered Solutions Providers can help their customers shift from outdated reactive maintenance approaches to predictive maintenance strategies complete with sensors and remote monitoring.

Emerson’s new program includes a series of tailored workshops to help Engineered Solutions Providers simplify and accelerate the evaluation of new technologies. Workshop participants will collaborate with Emerson experts during in-depth sessions. Topics include best practices for the automation of technology platforms, using pervasive sensing and remote monitoring as a differentiator, and application-specific technology options and pilots.

For more information, visit http://www.emerson.com/OEM-EngineeredSolutionsProvider Source: www.emerson.com and GCCA News