Education and Training Identified as Top Priorities for Indian Cold Chain Success

Education and Training Identified as Top Priorities for Indian Cold Chain Success

In November 2018, Amanda Brondy, GCCA Director of International Programs, traveled to India joined by Dan Kaplan, CEO – Cloverleaf Cold Storage and WFLO Board Member, and Harshal Surange, a design-build expert with ACR Project Consultants.

The team hosted a series of Cold Chain Connections in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad which presented the findings of the WFLO assessment on the cold chain in India. The assessment provides an evaluation of India’s cold chain infrastructure, identifies key observations and conclusions, and provides recommendations for resource development and training in collaboration with GCCA India. Attendees at the Cold Chain Connections discussed the assessment and explored the idea of creating a cold chain operating handbook unique to India. Attendees also evaluated ways to approach education in the country, with a long-term goal of possibly incorporating training program, similar to the WFLO Institute, in the country.

GCCA is proud to be involved in strengthening the cold chain in India, and we are looking forward to continuing our work in the country.

Danfoss ICE Awards Releases Book Showcasing 10 Years of Winners

Other news out of India is the release of the book entitled, “India’s Cool Heroes,” which highlights winners of the Danfoss ICE Awards over the past 10 years. Danfoss ICE Awards are presented annually to companies for their contributions to the Indian Cold Chain Industry. Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, congratulates the businesses and individuals that have been recognized for the Danfoss ICE Awards. “Change is constant, and while we look back at the ten years of innovators and award winners, we will also be looking forward to the next ten years and exciting changes to come as GCCA, ICE, and our partners and all leaders, innovators and related stakeholders prepare to serve the cold chain industry.”