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I PLAN Project

I – PLAN Project GAIN Indonesia collaborates with Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) and Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries (KKP), as the advisor, also with ARPI, Indonesia Association of Seafood Marketing & Processing (AP5I), FORIKAN, Indonesia Association of Nutrition, and Bogor Agricultural University has established Forum I-PLAN last September. The…

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Demand for Ready-to-Eat Processed Foods Leads to Growth in Food Processing Equipment

Demand for ready-to-eat processed foods leads to growth in food processing equipment With the growing preference for healthy food and functional foods, manufacturers are expected to adopt new equipment to fulfill the demand for healthy functional foods and beverages. Advancements in the food processing industry, innovation in processing technology and…

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Poultry Farming for Beginners

POULTRY FARMING FOR BEGINNERS, by┬áKatrine Nenge (source: GCCA News) What are the features of poultry farming for beginners? Those of you, who wish to start poultry farming, should be well-prepared in all aspects. What equipment are necessary for a poultry farm? Keep on reading to know how to start poultry…

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