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Increasing Energy Efficiency & Transportation Practices

INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY & TRANSPORTATION PRACTICES Refrigerated warehouses (cold storage facilities) have one of the highest electric energy consumption rates in the commercial building sector. After personnel, energy is usually their second highest operating expense. Cold storage facilities consume an average of 25 kWh of electricity and 9,200 Btu of natural gas…

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Postharvest Loss Problem is an Opportunity for Indonesia to Develop Its System

Indonesia faces food losses of up 50%. Faced with reduced local availability and affordability of nutritious food and malnutrition in particular in more vulnerable population groups a consortium of partners is taking steps to tackle this problem. Reducing postharvest food losses is an important contribution to improving local availability and…

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Building An Integrated Cold Chain

BUILDING AN INTEGRATED COLD CHAIN Software and technology combined with improved processes are helping stakeholders boost food safety, visibility and efficiency. A recent Food Logistics educational webinar revealed that while advances in software and technology are promoting better cold chain integration, stakeholders remain concerned about food safety and various supply…

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