Articles for April 2022

Indonesia Siap Menghadapi Era Digitalisasi di Industri Cold Chain / Indonesia is Ready to Face the Era of Digitalization in the Cold Chain Industry

INDONESIA SIAP MENGHADAPI ERA DIGITALISASI DI INDUSTRI COLD CHAIN Bahasa Indonesia Dengan pencanangan program industri 4.0, para pemangku kepentingan industri cold chain telah berbenah diri dengan mengkoneksikan para industri yang terangkai dalam alur proses sistem cold chain yang baik. Kebuntuan dalam mencari solusi yang tepat di dalam mengurangi food loss…

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Building The Supply Chain of Tomorrow : What Automation Works!

BUILDING THE SUPPLY CHAIN OF TOMORROW : WHAT AUTOMATION WORKS! How automation and emerging technology future-proof supply chains (by Marina Mayer, GCCA News). Digitalizing the supply chain is the future. But, getting there takes automation and emerging technology. It requires investing in solutions designed to track and trace, produce data…

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Limited Shipping Capacity Makes the Extension of Product Shelf Life Even More Important

LIMITED SHIPPING CAPACITY MAKES THE EXTENSION OF PRODUCT SHELF LIFE EVEN MORE IMPORTANT (, GCCA News) Limited shipping capacity is a global problem. Traders in many regions are facing problems with delayed containers. Extending the shelf life and preserving the freshness of crops is particularly important, and reducing fresh produce…

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