Articles for February 25, 2021

How COVID-19 Made Cold Chain Trends More Transformative Than Ever

HOW COVID-19 MADE COLD CHAIN TRENDS MORE TRANSFORMATIVE THAN EVER Source : Greg Tuthil (GCCA Newsletter). Recent trends, emerging innovation and nascent cold chain technology will continue to shape the ever-changing requirement for the refrigerated and cold chain markets. It was utter panic for many global urbanized communities to see…

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Key Trends For Sustainable Seafood Supply Chains in 2021 (And Beyond)

KEY TRENDS FOR SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD SUPPLY CHAINS IN 2021 (AND BEYOND) Written by: Tim Moore, Senior Associate, & Patrick Co, Strategic Partnerships Specialist | February 22, 2021 COVID-19 forced companies and governments to reconsider the sustainability and resiliency of global seafood supply chains.   Around the world, the seafood industry plays a critical role in feeding billions of people. It’s also a major economic driver: According to the United…

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